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As I Lay Myself To Wake

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This night sleeps as the mind lays awake, restless in the humid escape of insomnia. I am alert as time cuddles me tight, motionless into the tease of a new day. In this moment, as a gentle breeze knocks calmly against the window of a dream, memories flow through my head like cinematography taking me […]


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As I stand at ground zero, I look down and run my fingers across the structure of each engraved name. I remember where I was at that moment when the calm of life collapsed. I read each of their names in my mind and I see more than just names – these names are the […]

As September Cries

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Today life is a poet as on this day of remembrance it has become the face of every emotion, the fear of every hand and the hope in every heart.  Today is more than a memory—today is a recognition of unity, faith and strength as we gather together to remember the tragedy within the day […]

Diversity – from ‘The Public Journal of Literary Thought’

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Life is a diversity of tears. We are all the same because we cry different and we are different because we have our own ways of believing.  I walk the streets at night on the feet of a tired mind watching and seeking that one vision of change.  I see lampposts blink in a magnitude […]

Some Days

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In the beginning minutes of a day beautifully golden – air astute to the magical music of nature’s sound, I lay awake. I stare back at the shadows of naked trees– stagnant, but full of life as they stand in the glow of summer’s light becoming a part of the morning’s rise. There is a […]


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Look at me,   standing here at the place we first met looking out at the rolling waves as the ocean breeze blows against my face. Thinking of you paints the masterpiece of our love as I gazed into your eyes at this very special place.     Look at me,   sitting here in […]

Suburban Sunset

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This, the beautiful temperature of sunset, is something to be admired. There is easiness here; a steadiness that has captured me as I sit, in the backyard of open translation, studying the movements of serenity as the sky has emptied of all of its obscenities as quietness fuels the stillness of time. Here, in the […]

Somewhere In Life

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With footprints vibrating in the ocean waves of existence, they breathe becoming a photography of vision/hard to believe. Deep in the Atlantic blue, off the coast of Southern Maine a family of dolphins rides the waves in search of their survival. As observers, we watch their playfulness become a display orchestrated by the sea breeze […]

The Joys Of A Poet

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the joys of a poet

My birth was a publication as my life has become the awaking of new journeys risen from the history of literary pathways enriched by minds fluent in the poetic language of discovery. I sit here and smile upon the horizon of new beginnings and the voyeurism of past sacrifices as a mercenary defeating the internal […]

In Loving Memory

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For Stella L. Vaughan, my grandmother Early August sunrise like the beauty I remember staring through the soul of her eyes – as another anniversary of her birth arise I realize I can still feel the heartbeat of her tender love/such a golden prize. Her smile, born in 1936 Georgia, grew into a woman filled […]