The Joys Of A Poet

the joys of a poetMy birth was a publication as my life
has become the awaking of new journeys risen

from the history of literary pathways enriched
by minds fluent in the poetic language of discovery.
I sit here and smile upon the horizon
of new beginnings and the voyeurism
of past sacrifices as a mercenary defeating
the internal battles with the conflict of my ink.
And out there beyond the brightness of the sky
is a romanticism of expression shared
by all who have discovered this passion;
all of us who have become journalists
within the many seasons of meaning.

I sit here and write as I am a witness
to genius and an interpreter of thought
inspiring hearts to digest and minds progress
beyond what is written and ingest all that is felt
because the joys of a poet
is being recognized through all emotions
and critiqued through all elements of fascination.

And in this joy my poetry is the diary
sharing the human elements of sacrificial awareness
and emotional survival and I smile
because through words I am releasing
all the inhabitants of my soul
that become an outlet for all that I am
because the joys of a poet
is that great moment of definition.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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