We the Poets

We must come to embrace our literary minds
as the great educators of  life
because through the many roads we have traveled,
we have become the expression behind the sacrifice
with our written voices translating
our emotional prose into echoes that will travel
through time as our genetic ink.

We must come to value our hearts
as the inspiration lifting souls and guiding tears
to salvation and inner strength
because through our spirit the words we define
become the landmarks of destination
and the design stitched in the fabric
of each stanza throughout our contextual being/
we are the meaning

as we the poets are the ones who shelter
homeless metaphors sitting on the stairs of natures hand

we the poets give death the name of beauty
as in the act of demise we brilliantly come to understand

we the poets  are the sculptures who architect
happiness’s through every adjective in which elegance stands

we the poets are the carpenters who build courage
through our tears within every fear we withstand

and we the poets are the transgression, progression
and expression
that shall always remain outspoken

we the poets are the language of inspirational translation.
© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughanpoetry

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