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Chasing Dreams

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VISION Phims - Contemporary Vintage Urban Theater

There is always hope when the beauty of roses uplift through the cracks of shattered sidewalks where footprints of promise have faded… and there are always fields of inspiration where one finds the golden gleam of sunlight shining down through gray skies of tears.   Standing on those sidewalks and in those fields is a […]

The Daily Acts Of Living

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There are times I stand in the traffic of life naked with nothing on but the clothing of my own mind. I watch faces that barely breathe and eyes that deceive those who hope, dream and believe that our streets can exist without the propaganda of intellectual thieves; I watch strangers become categories; nameless figures […]

We the Poets

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We must come to embrace our literary minds as the great educators of  life because through the many roads we have traveled, we have become the expression behind the sacrifice with our written voices translating our emotional prose into echoes that will travel through time as our genetic ink. We must come to value our […]

Summer Cooking

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So… he looked on, watching from afar the imagery of family. Now alone, sitting in place on an old cranky stubborn porch, eighty-one years of tears laughter and memory/smiled; his smiled gleamed through the haze and humidly of another summer day: a day that reminded him of his younger years when the joy in many […]

Rhythm & Blues (The 38th Song)

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Travis Street Blues

  April 27, 2014  8:25 A.M.   The sun is only slightly shinning, but on this day my age has the brightest smile.  I’ve watched life grow and it has come a long way since my early days.   Back then, just a child, I use to celebrate laughter as an innocent melody of freedom, […]

Mama’s Boy

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Son, I have but a few words for you and it is only going to take a few minutes of your time – Boy as I look down upon you from the heavens of my new journey’s horizon, I can still feel the joyful pain from the day I released you into this world.  The […]

The Lyrics Of Her Song

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She was a whistle sitting silently in front of corner store with her home wrapped openly around her exposing her life and the orchestra of her tears. But no one seemed to care as she was stepped over and stepped past Like an object just in the way. Everyone seemed to ignore what her eyes […]

Of Dreams

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When I was younger I used to sit on the side of cobblestone curbs and dream I had cool dreams and jazzy dreams; I had the kind of dreams that made my mind sway and the kind of dreams that took me away to another day where I was someone with a name I had […]

These Words

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These words

Sitting here thinking, reminiscing about how back then the world seemed cruel and life through my eyes was filled with rules – I was a young child, age of five and so newly alive, taught early the streets as a source to survive I write these words so glad I’m alive and as I look […]

Everything Around Me

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Everything around me

I’ve sat here long enough watching the flame of this scented candle of life burn slowly whilst melting time into the wax of loss. As I sit here exploring everything around me, I find the appreciation in everything I see; It is the fragrance of love that electrifies the air I breathe that keeps me […]