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A Crack In The Sidewalk

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“A Crack in the Sidewalk, a collection of poetry and prose, is Tarringo T.
Vaughan’s expository observation of the world around him. With moments of humor,
internal dissection and connection with existence through abstract nature,
Tarringo gives a voice to the smaller things in life and a voice to the many
frames of silence out there often unspoken. He examines the everyday life of
humanity, eavesdrops on the poetic dynamics of interaction and connects his
readers to the process of thought by traveling through generations of
translation and finding definition in current societal issues ranging from
prostitution to homelessness. A Crack in the Sidewalk proves that poetry can be
anywhere and everywhere when the mind is allowed to visualize. Described as one
of today’s most emotional poets, Tarringo T Vaughan delivers by taking his
readers on a journey through the eyes of a poet.”


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