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She Gave Me Life

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She Gave Me Life (A Mother’s Day Tribute) Her smile shared laughter when pain and poverty challenged her soul.  Her eyes sparkled joy when sadness weakened her courage …but she stayed strong   because through her journey on this earth the gifts she birthed were the reasons she knew she belonged   she was just […]

I Write America

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Voices silenced; minds hypnotized, stereotyped by violence – HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT the injustice of equality no longer paused on mute.   I write America begging you to see, that even as an educated black man the sirens of brutality still scream towards me. At just the young age 12 police targeted my skin not […]

The Day Rosa Parks Saved My Life

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She saved my life on a Thursday, brave “colored” soul; a woman strong – an inspired spirit – stubborn to inequality, showing the world in 1955 that she and everyone else who shared her skin that we did indeed belong.   She saved my life on the first day of December, two decades before my […]

All I Need

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All I Need

  My heart – once silenced – has been captured and these dreams – once lonely – are now shared with your love.  You taught me how to rise above as I was once lost inside a shell of emptiness, afraid to be me, afraid to expose myself to this world because I was so […]


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In 1969 a united voice stood tall; it was a voice that fought back against oppression and a voice that vibrated within the echoes still heard today against the refusal to be treated as second class-citizens; it was a moment in the history of this nation that sparked a new celebration; a new pride of […]

Rhythm & Blues (The 38th Song)

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Travis Street Blues

  April 27, 2014  8:25 A.M.   The sun is only slightly shinning, but on this day my age has the brightest smile.  I’ve watched life grow and it has come a long way since my early days.   Back then, just a child, I use to celebrate laughter as an innocent melody of freedom, […]

Words Forward

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Words Forward   It was not so long ago that I found the words to express all that I’ve come to know in this world   and within this life that I have been given to live.   It was not so long ago that I broke the silence   and found a voice within […]


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Ponce   The sunlight glistens as the warmth of early March melts the landscape of Southern Vermont’s winter freeze.   There is a steady breeze highlighting a late Saturday afternoon where soon twightlight will dim the bright foundation of Midtown Manchester;   a place where skiers and snowboarders will soon gather to greet familiar and […]

A Letter To Love

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Letter to love

written as I think of you (for Dominic Basile-Vaughan)     Dear Love, You were delivered to me through the gentleness of his eyes.  You were the warm tenderness – the healing I needed four years ago as my tears flowed silently on the heels of a sudden lost.   You came to me through […]

Elm City

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Elm city

Dangerous minds expressed, curbs of dreams suppressed on streets of criminality where a child’s eyes reflect the fatality of poverty’s disguise.   But, within the shadowed streets of Elm City, there is hope, there is always hope when a community stands up and takes pride in the education of future generations   there is always […]