tumblr_mp4cplSMtQ1qh7mato10_1280In 1969 a united voice stood tall; it was a voice

that fought back against oppression and a voice that vibrated

within the echoes still heard today against

the refusal to be treated as second class-citizens;

it was a moment in the history of this nation

that sparked a new celebration; a new pride of a people

paving the way towards new freedoms of equality .


It started as a raid, but ended in the rise of the self-made;

the proud members of the Gay community

who soared as founders of a movement that started

on Christopher Street and now marches on

through every major street of every major city


in recognition of how far we have come.  The will to strive, to prosper

and to advocate ignited a flame that summer morning

in Greenwich Village; a flame that has become a fire

of momentum that continues to burn as that united voice


still shouting from the foundations of the Stonewall Inn

to the front stairs of the United States Supreme Court, where,

on another day in June, 2013, struck down the Defense of Marriage Act

giving way to a string of decisions

that has ruled state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional


and has instilled hope in those who continue to follow their heart

on a path that will eventually lead to the full rights

of all of humanity.


Today that united voice has reached out and extended

in a full force of pride



to break the inequality of anti-gay laws threating silence

and extinguish the harsh punishments gay men and women face

in countries where laws promote homophobic violence.


And it all started on a night in June; a night where

the liberation of a voice

fought back and sent a message to society that we are who we are

we are proud to be who we are

and being ourselves is our right, our freedom, our courage

and most of all

our protection…

thank you Stonewall.


© 2014

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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