Chasing Dreams

VISION Phims - Contemporary Vintage Urban TheaterThere is always hope when the beauty of roses

uplift through the cracks of shattered sidewalks

where footprints of promise have faded…

and there are always fields of inspiration

where one finds the golden gleam of sunlight

shining down through gray skies of tears.


Standing on those sidewalks and in those fields

is a young boy who is chasing dreams.

You can see it in the spirit in his eyes

and within the language of every step he takes –


even in times of suffering and pain;

during times when a broken education system

challenges to sink him deep down into failure’s embrace


There is always a smile on his face

because that young boy knows he can catch those dreams


you can see within his hidden feelings of pain

on those dark days when the world

empties down upon him the wrath of poverty’s rain

and cast over him past shadows

of inequality’s seemingly unbreakable chain.


But he will never be broken, because that young boy believes

and will never stop chasing dreams

as within his heart there is pride standing tall

and beating through the vessels

of his mind

is courage paving paths of strength and prosperity.


He’s going to be somebody – that young boy – he’s going to be

the prize in tomorrow’s eye because within his soul

determination lies and within his spirit there awakens

an inspiration that will reach high and above his own limitless sky.


© 2016

Tarringo T. Basile-Vaughan

Poetry @40

“A Different Kind Of Blues”

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