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What Time Left Behind

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What Time Left Behind   A Four family house, all white with a trim of red; stain glassed windows and steps of concrete stone. A house no longer a home is now a picture frame where memories still live and now it stands there alone.   The scent of nana’s cooking still lingers/an aroma I […]

Winter’s Song

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  Winter’s Song   The snow fell today, and and silence lifted throughout the streets; no whistling winds or chilling air blowing against the breath of my mind. Just the stillness. This moment.  Here alone making footprints on the dusting over cobbled stone/with poet eyes dreaming the sky.   Walking, through the birth of winter […]

Chasing Dreams

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VISION Phims - Contemporary Vintage Urban Theater

There is always hope when the beauty of roses uplift through the cracks of shattered sidewalks where footprints of promise have faded… and there are always fields of inspiration where one finds the golden gleam of sunlight shining down through gray skies of tears.   Standing on those sidewalks and in those fields is a […]

A King Amongst Men

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It does not take a crown, a throne or a bloodline of royalty to become a king; it takes the heart of a man and the sweat of a warrior. A man does not become a man until he unlocks himself from the grasps of fear and rise above the barb wired barricades of challenge. […]

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like These

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  Somethin’  was a knockin’ at the door this morn’ I said somethin’ sad was a knockin’ at the door this morn’ and I didn’t want to get up to see what was a knockin’ at that door because I was feelin’ kinda down you see; yes I was feelin’ down and dreary and I […]

In Summer

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In Summer In summer, the song sings itself. ~William CarlosWilliams I hear the songs again.  Back when my mind was in the body of innocence – before growth when adolescence stood still in time and the playfulness of youth filtered through the poetry of nursery rhymes.  I hear the songs again.  Memories dancing on aged sidewalks […]

Thoughts From A Loft At The End Of June

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I wonder what Langston Hughes would’ve done if there were no words – I wonder how he would’ve taught the world about deferred dreams if there was no way to write the blues.  I wonder what would become of language if the fears of Shakespeare didn’t tell tales in old English rhyme and didn’t retell […]

A Path In Time

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Early morning sunrise surprises the ocean’s yawn as it quietly pounds against sleepy rocks that awaken at the renewal of dawn. If there could be a place where love lives, it would be here, in this almost surreal portrait of life. Hot coffee steams against the fabric of our lips but it is this supreme […]

Sunset Road

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A poet’s mind never sleeps; you can hear it crying through tears when the soul weeps and even inside the journey of a dream it lays awake, roaming off into fields of imagination where summer leaps. Sometimes, often…as I look off into the sunset, I find myself asleep with open eyes standing off to the […]

Portrait Of A Poet

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I once stood unknowing, unaffected, untouched and uninspired by their brilliance:  words sprinkled on a canvas abstract in their meaning and obsolete in their influence.   I had no connection to their worth as they were strangers to my intelligence. To be honest, I found them quiet boring and to me they were just whoring […]