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The Thirty-Ninth Song             Written April 27, 2015   Time only pauses but for one day and it is during this stillness of life that I take the time to find my own reflection  through the shadows of yesterday,  It is during this hesitance that I log my thoughts into the journals of tomorrow.   […]

I Heard The Blues In Her Eyes

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Her tears only dripped when my eyes closed. I pretended not to hear them but I listened, I listened to the clutch of her heart whisper an apology asking for the forgiveness/of my hunger. I wasn’t mad at mama, she was younger; younger than most mother’s. Twenty-one years of age standing in welfare lines reaching […]

One Of Many

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I am just one of many experiments who stand alone in rehearsed crowds lost in a maze of widowed daydreams trying to find tomorrow with transient eyes shut to the reality of yesterday. It is when I open my mind that I – not only see – but recognize that I am just one of […]

Yesterday’s Past

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Sometimes you can forget where you came from, but that somewhere will never forget you. Memories triggered by glimpses of familiar faces. Smiles I once knew and eyes I once recognized repainted a portrait of childhood over twenty years aged, but never faded on the canvas of yesterday’s past. They were reminders of who I […]

The Daily Acts Of Living

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There are times I stand in the traffic of life naked with nothing on but the clothing of my own mind. I watch faces that barely breathe and eyes that deceive those who hope, dream and believe that our streets can exist without the propaganda of intellectual thieves; I watch strangers become categories; nameless figures […]


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Fourteen A moment of greatness is when one recognizes his own identity.  I was just a young boy, barely fourteen years of age staring down at a blank piece of yellow lined paper with a pencil twirling in my right hand. There were so many things to write but my mind couldn’t find the voice […]

Alone In The Dark

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Alone In The Dark I was a silly little boy sitting all along with nothing but darkness staring back at me. Most little boys were afraid of the dark; afraid of what lurked behind closest doors and underneath twin beds; afraid of some indescribable creature reaching to snatch them in their sleep. Not I though. […]

Old Aching Bones

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old black man

He caught my attention and stared back at me – with beads of gray hair (outlining his face) and an emergence of wrinkles (aging his grace.) He had a cane by his side as he rocked in his chair humming the sounds of all years gone by. His rugged hands explained his sacrifice as he […]

All I Need

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All I Need

  My heart – once silenced – has been captured and these dreams – once lonely – are now shared with your love.  You taught me how to rise above as I was once lost inside a shell of emptiness, afraid to be me, afraid to expose myself to this world because I was so […]

Coffee Shop Flyers

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Coffee Shop Flyers

Coffee Shop Flyers     I think I’ll have a caramel toffee mocha.   “tall, Grande, or venti?”   I could tell she’s been working at Starbucks for awhile.  A fake shine of happiness on a Saturday morning with a line of customers already with their minds made up just waiting…just waiting for a workaholic […]