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One Of Many

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I am just one of many experiments who stand alone in rehearsed crowds lost in a maze of widowed daydreams trying to find tomorrow with transient eyes shut to the reality of yesterday. It is when I open my mind that I – not only see – but recognize that I am just one of […]

Yesterday’s Past

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Sometimes you can forget where you came from, but that somewhere will never forget you. Memories triggered by glimpses of familiar faces. Smiles I once knew and eyes I once recognized repainted a portrait of childhood over twenty years aged, but never faded on the canvas of yesterday’s past. They were reminders of who I […]

The Daily Acts Of Living

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There are times I stand in the traffic of life naked with nothing on but the clothing of my own mind. I watch faces that barely breathe and eyes that deceive those who hope, dream and believe that our streets can exist without the propaganda of intellectual thieves; I watch strangers become categories; nameless figures […]


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Fourteen A moment of greatness is when one recognizes his own identity.  I was just a young boy, barely fourteen years of age staring down at a blank piece of yellow lined paper with a pencil twirling in my right hand. There were so many things to write but my mind couldn’t find the voice […]

Alone In The Dark

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Alone In The Dark I was a silly little boy sitting all along with nothing but darkness staring back at me. Most little boys were afraid of the dark; afraid of what lurked behind closest doors and underneath twin beds; afraid of some indescribable creature reaching to snatch them in their sleep. Not I though. […]

Old Aching Bones

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old black man

He caught my attention and stared back at me – with beads of gray hair (outlining his face) and an emergence of wrinkles (aging his grace.) He had a cane by his side as he rocked in his chair humming the sounds of all years gone by. His rugged hands explained his sacrifice as he […]

All I Need

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All I Need

  My heart – once silenced – has been captured and these dreams – once lonely – are now shared with your love.  You taught me how to rise above as I was once lost inside a shell of emptiness, afraid to be me, afraid to expose myself to this world because I was so […]

Coffee Shop Flyers

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Coffee Shop Flyers

Coffee Shop Flyers     I think I’ll have a caramel toffee mocha.   “tall, Grande, or venti?”   I could tell she’s been working at Starbucks for awhile.  A fake shine of happiness on a Saturday morning with a line of customers already with their minds made up just waiting…just waiting for a workaholic […]

We the Poets

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We must come to embrace our literary minds as the great educators of  life because through the many roads we have traveled, we have become the expression behind the sacrifice with our written voices translating our emotional prose into echoes that will travel through time as our genetic ink. We must come to value our […]

A Capella

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Their eyes sing to me like they are instruments whistling on these streets of A capella. Her smile is enough to make me sway as she stands in front of trees that doo wop in the vocalized winds of challenge. She is barely young but not old enough to be a woman. Yet she has […]