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We the Poets

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We must come to embrace our literary minds as the great educators of  life because through the many roads we have traveled, we have become the expression behind the sacrifice with our written voices translating our emotional prose into echoes that will travel through time as our genetic ink. We must come to value our […]

A Capella

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Their eyes sing to me like they are instruments whistling on these streets of A capella. Her smile is enough to make me sway as she stands in front of trees that doo wop in the vocalized winds of challenge. She is barely young but not old enough to be a woman. Yet she has […]

Argument With A Poet

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Argument With A Poet As he studied my attention I refused to blink.  He told me things about my- self I tried to keep hidden under a coffee stained American Eagle sweat shirt that found me on the Clearance rack. I told him to fuck off!  But he continued to weave his words through my […]

A Street With No Exit

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A Street With No Exit

Heartbreak has had me afraid to travel down side streets where the possibilities of love were parked close to the curbs of my heart I was afraid of another flat tire leaving me stranded on the roads of loneliness with no one ever stopping to give me that lift I needed to refuel the engine […]

This Could Be Heaven

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This Could be Heaven

The clouds are combing the sky with the perfect radiance of blue; a clear blue that is shadowing down on this landscape of comfort. I am laying here, in the middle of this field of green watching the wind kiss the branches of time with a soft bliss. There is nothing on my mind except […]

A Poem With No Ending

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Happiness is like a poem that never ends; it is the jazz splashing from the tears in eyes when the joy of a smile drowns the dampness of sadness; it is the tender touch of a kiss upon the forehead of synchronized heart from the smooth gentle lips of renewal when pain has drifted and […]

Butterfly Wings

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  flutter in front of my eyes causing my mind to stutter for just one moment as I gaze into the stillness of time watching this beautiful artistic creation of metamorphosis fly freely. A pretty black with traces of gold – wings the eyes of opportunity as they drift though the skies of a complicated […]

There Will Be Tears

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You came to me in a wide open dream of reflection as on this day my mind has lost all direction as I am missing you. You know I saw you today; I saw you today/ in traffic driving young toddlers to daycare. I saw the delight in your eyes just being a mother and […]

Of Life’s Complexity

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of life's complexity

Inspired by The Poetry Of Tupac Shakur Those who accept simplicity have never walked on the same side of the street as me. They’ve never watched grown folks cry when hopes and dreams slowly die. They’ve never seen single mothers struggle or heard their cries around dinner time when food is scarce and not enough […]


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and ready to believe.   As I sit and watch transient sunsets fade behind the fatigue skyline of a city, I remember the once proud façade of progress;  the many years dedicated blending minds and educating hearts to become one focus and join hands in the togetherness of equality.  Before I was born there were […]