Butterfly Wings


the_butterfly_effect_by_artfactotum-d4kffb5flutter in front of my eyes causing my mind to stutter
for just one moment as I gaze into the stillness of time
watching this beautiful artistic creation of metamorphosis
fly freely. A pretty black with traces of gold – wings
the eyes of opportunity as they drift though the skies
of a complicated world. During these times, when I study
the path of a butterfly, I wish I had my own wings
to fly; to become a part of the wind flowing with time
without the worry and complications that plague our thoughts;
without the sadness and heartbreak that beats away at our hearts
like an emotional cancer with no cure except the mental
therapy of survival. I find magic in the possibility of flying.
It is like a revival of freedom when our own motivation
fuels our passion to fly without even leaving the ground. Like
the butterfly, we emerge from human cocoon and through growth
life can become our wings encouraging us to rise even when we fall
and rise again even when we think we’ve lost our all.
It is the spirit of our internal beauty that propels us
to lift ourselves up into a sky where inspiration becomes
our liberty to fly. Butterfly wings flutter around me;
an amazement captured reminding me of the places we can go
when we allow the wings of our dreams to set free.

Fly butterfly,

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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