A Path In Time

A-path-in-timeEarly morning sunrise surprises the ocean’s yawn
as it quietly pounds against sleepy rocks that awaken
at the renewal of dawn.

If there could be a place where love lives,
it would be here, in this almost surreal
portrait of life. Hot coffee steams against the fabric
of our lips but it is this supreme view

of sparkling skies amongst the glitter
of ocean eyes that is caffeinating our hearts
as we, the soul of two lovers, walk this path
with silence but communicate through the common
desire of this moment.

Indeed, if Mother Nature was a poet
she wrote this so beautifully; the way the sea perfectly
illuminates the daylight of serenity;

the way the Sun reaches down layering
pavements and seaside structures with a unique warmth
curing a slightly damp chilliness spit by the winds
of time

and the way these minutes seem to resonate
in the fragrance of stillness as on this day

Marginal way has captured me again magnifying
the minds romance with nature and the delicious
feel of relaxation. On this path there are many aromas
of smiles as the beauty of relationships of all flavors

are explored and brought together by the currents
of time. Many generations have inhaled here and many
futures will exhale this magnificent capture

and I, we and they are the present movements
drifting through this path of forever.
© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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