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The Poetry Of Tarringo T. Vaughan

“Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads”

Silence is the music of many tears; it is the orchestra of frustration I have seen out there, in this world, all my life. I’ve never been outspoken with my voice but the words I have come to know, these words that have become the microphone to my heart has given me a voice; a voice to share an experience, a voice to challenge minds and a voice to heal. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 27th 1976. My mother was a child of only sixteen years old but quickly matured into a woman as a result of being left by my father to raise me alone. But alone she wasn’t as I had many filling the void left by my father. My grandparents, five aunts and two uncles provided me with a world of strength and love which nurtured me in my early years.

Poverty and inner city life were the surrounding and experience I watched through windows and from porches growing up. I’ve seen dreams wilt and spirits die in faces that were just looking for a chance. Those same faces became my inspiration to become something different and not to fear the different paths out there. I was a lonely young child who often kept to myself because I believed no one would understand my thoughts. So I begin writing those thoughts down and realized a natural gift of writing. Through words I was able to explore the visions of my mind I had a tough time seeing before. I found new ways to express my heart as I was able to cry and laugh through these words that I discovered as poetry. I begin to write my world as I continued to hear melodies through my eyes.

In life there are many translations to many things we all view the same. Some chose to turn away and others may try to understand but very view takes the time to really study and find deeper definitions. This collection of poetry is my translations of a world many live in. Beyond Rainbows And Yellow Brick Roads are the blues many don’t hear to they really stop to listen. So listen and hear my world; listen and turn up the volume to my mind.

Beyond Rainbows & Yellow BrickRoads

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