All I Need


All I NeedMy heart – once silenced – has been captured

and these dreams – once lonely – are now shared

with your love.  You taught me how to rise above


I was once lost inside a shell

of emptiness, afraid to be me,

afraid to expose myself to this world

because I was so ashamed of what

they would see.


Words once silence and broken

have now become my strength


in the shadows of my own emptiness

I have learned that I don’t need the world

to accept all of me,

I don’t even need the bigotry of perception

to understand my love/this love


All I need is to become someone’s difference -

that person who inspires

and ignites the flame that warms up the soul

of another.  All I need is to be someone’s completeness-

that person who finishes the sentence

within the paragraphs of desired passion.


All I need is to allow these rough hands

to embrace the softness of joy that true love



for all I need

is you.



(c) 2015

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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