Sand_by_mrabanalLook at me,


standing here at the place we first met

looking out at the rolling waves

as the ocean breeze blows against my face.

Thinking of you paints the masterpiece of our love

as I gazed into your eyes at this very special place.



Look at me,


sitting here in the sand

where I first felt the warmth of your tender hand

as we watched the seagull’s flying up above.

I can still feel that tender touch of your soul

as you massaged my heart with your undying love.


Look at me,


crying as I hold you in my hands

caressing you as I once did before;

an everlasting feeling inside surely to be missed.

I long to feel those soft lips again

as it seemed like yesterday, our hearts first kissed.


Look at me,


letting you go at our special place

as I spread your ashes across the water

where I can still clearly see your face.

Your memory stares back at the tears I cry,

as your release tells my heart it’s time for our final goodbye.

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