In Another Lifetime

RJ-0003If I shall die tonight, I want to come back as the magic
that is your mind and the fascination that is your heart.
I want to see the world through the deep browns of your eyes
and within those spirals of your love, I want to experience
your vision of passion and feel the stimulation
of your warmth as you freelance the articulation of your caring ways.

If I could come back in any translation, I would want
to be the formation of your thoughts.  I want to be your whisper
when you fulfill the desire of a lover; I want to experience
your pulse when you kiss the lips of sensuality –

and as you lay there/eyes resting peacefully, I wonder
what you think of me; I wonder how your mind works
and how it accelerates the brilliance of your soul because
just knowing you has led to the reincarnation of my being
and tonight as I lay here in the kingdom of your intelligence
I wonder what inspires you to love me.

As I listen to your sleep breathe, I cherish your presence
and want to live inside your dreams because to be your thoughts;
to live within your mind and feel how you see everything around
you is something I explore each time I look into your eyes.

You complete me;

so if I shall die tonight I will always live
‘cause in another life time the strength our togetherness will
be the transcendence
in the recognition of our love.

© 2011
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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