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Look at me,   standing here at the place we first met looking out at the rolling waves as the ocean breeze blows against my face. Thinking of you paints the masterpiece of our love as I gazed into your eyes at this very special place.     Look at me,   sitting here in […]

On Bended Knee

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Love, in the creation of a moment, kneeled down before me on bended knee and within it’s presence the sounds of steady winds drifting in from the rhymes and soul of a timeless sea held us breathless as the deepness of a smile captured me. Love, in the creation of a moment, took my hand […]

In Another Lifetime

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If I shall die tonight, I want to come back as the magic that is your mind and the fascination that is your heart. I want to see the world through the deep browns of your eyes and within those spirals of your love, I want to experience your vision of passion and feel the […]

The Inside Of A Rose

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The inside of a rose

I have found that this is love; I have found that this every touch we share is the formula for passion every time our lips caress – it is this soft tender unity of corruption that our  hearts express that has me able to confess – how lucky I am to have you by my […]

Where Roses Lay To Rest

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He knew dreams of her weren’t just imaginations of his heart as he believed that somewhere, far or near the magic of her smile still existed upon the tranquility of the moonlit oceans reflection. Perhaps, within the magic of the stars, the glow of her eyes still sparkled ever so brightly beneath the same gentle […]

A Letter To Love

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Letter to love

written as I think of you (for Dominic Basile-Vaughan)     Dear Love, You were delivered to me through the gentleness of his eyes.  You were the warm tenderness – the healing I needed four years ago as my tears flowed silently on the heels of a sudden lost.   You came to me through […]

Deep Blue Chicago Sky

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    There are no clouds today as alone in this cold hotel bed I lay   The warmth of my lover is far away but just the thought of him is making my mind feel quite okay   and although I am miles away, in a new place, just minutes away from a new […]

Someone To Love Me

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For so long I’ve searched for someone to see me—someone to look deep beyond these eyes and capture the true meaning of me; someone who can trace the true beauty of my heart and recognize the freedom in which I feel. I want someone who doesn’t need me to change to fulfill their own vision […]

This Time Tomorrow

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Our hearts ticked in a rhythmic passion as time slowly drifted into the deep hours of our eye’s embrace and as we admired every trace of each other’s face we danced; we danced to the music of soft whispers as the magic of the night became our playground – an exploration of a new found […]