This Time Tomorrow

broken_clock_by_ifsantag2-d5ecmpiOur hearts ticked in a rhythmic passion
as time slowly drifted into the deep
hours of our eye’s embrace
and as we admired every trace
of each other’s face we danced;

we danced to the music of soft whispers
as the magic of the night became our playground – an

exploration of a new found love.
It was the warmth of your hands that welted my desire
with a passion that had us pulsating in heat
as the nakedness of our lust
melted under the burning flames
of sensual fire.

But then our night faded into the emptiness
of morning’s loneliness
as your body became a shadow of warmth
inside of deserted arms.

In that moment I knew love found me
Because I couldn’t wait to reach for you again;
the sweet taste of your breath left me waiting
just for the chance to taste the smile of your lips

as the sweat of our bodies drip. As I lay without you
I am hypnotized by the memory
of our togetherness but I wonder

was it real or just a dream? Will we meet again
and share the same temperature of romance

or will you fade into just a glimpse of a connection

this time tomorrow?

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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