On Bended Knee

the_bayside_by_gsorbs-d5d7mznLove, in the creation of a moment, kneeled
down before me on bended knee

and within it’s presence
the sounds of steady winds
drifting in from the rhymes and soul
of a timeless sea

held us breathless
as the deepness of a smile captured me.

Love, in the creation of a moment, took my hand
as we stood in the sand,
just the two of us

all alone on a crowed beach, the same place
where we once stood together looking out at an endless

ocean where the renewal of passion
again kissed us with waves filled with a promise.

Love, in the creation of a moment, looked up at me

misty eyed, blending in perfectly with a mid-October
ski, the same sky that led us into the arms

of each other’s hearts.

Love, in the creation of a moment, made a promise
that we shall never part

as the resiliency of togetherness proposed
to me and the tears of joy

whispered to this once lonely boy
that I will never again have to spend my

days alone.
Tarringo T. Vaughan
© 2013

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