Where Roses Lay To Rest

Profit_In_Your_Poetry_by_woodfaeryHe knew dreams of her
weren’t just imaginations of his heart
as he believed that somewhere, far or near
the magic of her smile still existed
upon the tranquility of the moonlit oceans reflection.

Perhaps, within the magic of the stars, the glow of her eyes
still sparkled ever so brightly
beneath the same gentle illuminated sky
as he illustrated the sight of her
by the artistic yearning of his loneliness.

For it was her, his reason, who occupied his mind
with thoughts of their togetherness past;

dreams of twirling in each other’s arms
amongst the rose gardens that journey down lover’s lane
and memories of dancing gently in the music of each other’s eyes
in the stillness of passion where lover’s wane

for it was her, his angel, whose bosom he sought comfort
as he laid his head down upon the pillows of night
wishing she could once again arise
just moments of his passion’s embrace.

Happiness for him was the joy of her;
the elegant pleasance of her smile
that still caressed his tears through all the years
her recognition has fulfilled
his hearts renewal
and happiness was just knowing
her being and beauty
would always be recognized in the reflection
of his purpose as close to his chest

will always be the living soul of her journal
planted every so gently
where roses lay to rest.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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