Someone To Love Me

Gay_love_is_love_by_sweet163For so long I’ve searched for someone to see me—someone
to look deep beyond these eyes and capture the true meaning
of me; someone who can trace the true beauty of my heart
and recognize the freedom in which I feel. I want someone
who doesn’t need me to change to fulfill their own vision
but embraces sculpture of my being because the true attraction
is what’s inside of me,

for long I’ve yearned for someone to hear me—someone
who hears every heartbeat of my tears and can translate everything
I fear into a true communication of understanding; someone who
can understand the soft spoken language of my desire and speak
the many tones my mind may conspire because it is my voice
that sings the harmony of every song that describes me

and for so long I’ve reached out for someone to believe in me – someone
to bring fourth everything I can give within every foundation
of this soul; someone who will help me rise when sadness pulls me down
and will help me heal when hurt shatters trust and pain
buries me in anger. I want someone give me a reason to breathe
when life threatens to drown me…because for so long

I’ve felt alone inside; I’ve felt invisible to the many senses
emotion. For so long I held everything deep inside
and refused to make eye contact with the human elements
of affection…for so long I was not ready or able to confess
the sorrow only I created by hiding in a closet so dark and deep
that no one was able to find me. For so long I felt empty/with no
definition to my purpose and carried a numbness to feeling
until I allowed someone to find me and show me the way out
of the darkness.

It just took someone to love me to find the path back towards
self-love and help me hear the cry of my own heart. It took someone
to love me to realize that I could be very visible
in another’s eyes and heard even if I was a million miles away
and it just took someone to love me to find that belief in everything
I could release and everything I was able to inhale because for so long
I just needed to feel complete.
© 2011
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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