Deep Blue Chicago Sky



ChicagoThere are no clouds today

as alone in this cold hotel bed I lay


The warmth of my lover is far away

but just the thought of him

is making my mind feel quite okay


and although I am miles away,

in a new place, just minutes away

from a new beginning, the deep blue

Chicago sky shines on me

through the mini blinds of yesterday


I remember how my mama use to say

“boy your gonna be real happy some day”


and that day has come.  As I lay awake

happiness has pleasured my heart,

it has opened me up to a new world

of possibilities and the amazement that each day holds

now that I’ve found love,


and this deep blue Chicago sky


is reminding me of his beautiful eyes

and how deeply we connect


because even so far apart, together

our hearts fly.


© 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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