A Poem With No Ending

-He-left-me-flowers-poetry-18619666-900-600Happiness is like a poem that never ends;
it is the jazz splashing
from the tears in eyes when the joy of a smile
drowns the dampness of sadness;
it is the tender touch of a kiss upon the forehead
of synchronized heart
from the smooth gentle lips of renewal
when pain has drifted and a new day starts.

Happiness is the ink that tears old memories apart
and releases new energies into a world
where the passion of a moment will never depart;
it is the silence in the ears of new born child
awaking to the breath of hope and promise—

happiness is the rising of two lovers
joined together by the raspberry scent
of aromatized romance and where the foundation of love dance,
it is the chance to explore the lengths
of time through a journey of acquiesced discoveries.

Happiness is the rich fine wine that drifts down the silkiness
of desired lungs who wander the open fields
of challenge with aspirated dreams of victory;
it is the monument of history/a time line
of believing, achieving and simply being—

happiness is the words defined by bravery; the thoughts
and ideals parachuting from the endless skies
of creative minds; it is the joy of realization
and the mathematics of gratification—

it is a synergy of inspiration that collapses
our souls as one because happiness

is like a poem with no ending.

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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