There Will Be Tears

angel-tearsYou came to me in a wide open dream
of reflection as on this day
my mind has lost all direction
as I am missing you.
You know I saw you today;

I saw you today/ in traffic driving young toddlers
to daycare.

I saw the delight in your eyes
just being a mother and I saw in each child
the promise and value
of knowing you would always be there;
and I saw you today/ on a playground
laughing with a gleam in your eye as you pushed
your five year old son on a swing set.

I recognized
the happiness in his eyes the higher and higher
he went. He flew with the wind
knowing you will always give him that much needed
push and always have his back;
and I saw you today/ in the reflection of a teenage girl’s
smile. She reached for your for support
and you held her hand
teaching her that no matter how old she got
you would always be that embrace
every time you recognized the hurt on her face.
You made today a perfect day although the sun
didn’t shine and my eyes
was filled with a steady rain;

a rain that captured
familiar memories wit in each vision captured
by the living photography of motherhood –
and on this day, although it’s been three years,
you shined through every window of my heart
reminding me that there will be tears
but showing me that you will always be here.
© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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