Of Life’s Complexity

of life's complexityInspired by The Poetry Of Tupac Shakur

Those who accept simplicity
have never walked on the same side
of the street as me.
They’ve never watched grown folks cry
when hopes and dreams slowly die.

They’ve never seen single mothers struggle
or heard their cries
around dinner time
when food is scarce and not enough
to feed hungry eyes.

They’ve never heard the knocks of homelessness
from those working two jobs
just to survive;
beaten down by life’s hardships,
no longer able to strive.

They’ve never felt poverty’s wrath
scattered through neglected streets
where tomorrow’s children play
with no funded playgrounds
and empty promises that end all feats

and they’ve never had to make strides
and leap over adversity
or come face to face with challenge
because those who accept simplicity
have not had to see life’s complexity.

© 2008
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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