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Human Nature

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“It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.” ~ Charlotte Bronte Summer always matures on a Sunday. The beginning of a new week organized as a day where even the sun sleeps late eventually blossoms […]

Nobody Is Going To Love Me

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I want to love again I want to love again and celebrate the victory of two hearts cemented in a stone of everlasting commitment. I want to feel the voice of a lover singing to my heart. I want to hear the touch of passionate surrender embrace me and never part. I want to kiss […]

Something About Seth

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He stands on shattered glass; pieces of a reflection mirrored by an all American boy with a shimmer of emotions flashing hidden secrets;  there is a thundering silence that shakes the foundation of his conscience. Everyone knows him but no one knows that there is something about Seth. He sits alone in a crowd with […]

In Traffic

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It is amazing the way the mind wanders when we are in traffic. We sit in a clutter of tempered stillness waiting for permission to go at the flash of a green light. There is so much observance we capture with our sight when we try to peek sideways at strangers who are intensely gripping […]

Nobody Knows Me

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Nobody Knows Me

There are no clouds today; no laugher worshipping an endless sky of windless decay. There are no trees singing in silent fragrances in the fields where children play. Today time has stalled becoming this witness on these tired streets where even history refuses to stay. And a stranger says this is a beautiful day as […]

As I Lay Myself To Wake

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This night sleeps as the mind lays awake, restless in the humid escape of insomnia. I am alert as time cuddles me tight, motionless into the tease of a new day. In this moment, as a gentle breeze knocks calmly against the window of a dream, memories flow through my head like cinematography taking me […]


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As I stand at ground zero, I look down and run my fingers across the structure of each engraved name. I remember where I was at that moment when the calm of life collapsed. I read each of their names in my mind and I see more than just names – these names are the […]

As September Cries

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Today life is a poet as on this day of remembrance it has become the face of every emotion, the fear of every hand and the hope in every heart.  Today is more than a memory—today is a recognition of unity, faith and strength as we gather together to remember the tragedy within the day […]

Some Days

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In the beginning minutes of a day beautifully golden – air astute to the magical music of nature’s sound, I lay awake. I stare back at the shadows of naked trees– stagnant, but full of life as they stand in the glow of summer’s light becoming a part of the morning’s rise. There is a […]


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Look at me,   standing here at the place we first met looking out at the rolling waves as the ocean breeze blows against my face. Thinking of you paints the masterpiece of our love as I gazed into your eyes at this very special place.     Look at me,   sitting here in […]