ableand ready to believe.


As I sit and watch transient sunsets fade

behind the fatigue skyline of a city, I remember the once proud

façade of progress;  the many years dedicated blending minds

and educating hearts to become one focus and join hands

in the togetherness of equality.  Before I was born there were many

men and women of different shades able to defeat

the freedoms of hatred despite continuously being

knocked off their feet.  Before I was given a purpose

in this world there were survivors able to find the strength

of recognition founded on these same beaten down streets.

Before I knew how to cry there were many tears able

to reconcile with faith as they strived to sacrifice

their own blood for a better tomorrow that has become

today.  Before I had dreams there were dreams out there able

to achieve and willing to try again and again to redefine

a skin that remains smooth with scarred memories

of shackled expression.   As I sit and listen to a night sky

whine through the shadows of history I hear the voices of today

echo through abandoned alleyways and shout above the steady

pollution of sirens ready for a solution.  So many out there

are willing and able to breathe growth again and build

a society temporarily in digression/

through the eyes of progression

there is a brighter future and we all must be ready and able


to believe.





© 2012

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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