Nobody Is Going To Love Me

where_is_the_love__by_julkusiowaI want to love again

I want to love again and celebrate the victory

of two hearts cemented in a stone
of everlasting commitment.

I want to feel the voice of a lover singing to my heart.
I want to hear the touch of passionate surrender
embrace me and never part.
I want to kiss the open air of a collaborative breath
exhaled from the romance
of two souls waltzing together as one
in a dreamer’s dance.

I want to capture that moment again; that moment
that awakened my loneliness
and released a new energy of music from my core
that I have never heard before.

I want to love again
but before I can love I must realize
that nobody is going to love me
until I find a way to love myself again.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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