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Thoughts From A Loft At The End Of June

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Thoughts from a loft

I wonder what Langston Hughes would’ve done if there were no words – I wonder how he would’ve taught the world about deferred dreams if there was no way to write the blues. I wonder what would become of language if the fears of Shakespeare didn’t tell tales in old English rhyme and didn’t retell […]

The Evidence Of Existence

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The Evidence of Existence

Trash filled truths cluttered along faded sidewalks laying still in motion begging to recapture decayed dreams from growling lampposts where hope once leaned; shattered emptiness laying between claustrophobic alleyways reaching out from the shadows of intellectual prostitution selling the body of their thoughts for just a piece of the evolution their life once gleamed; they […]

It Came To Me In A Dream

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I’v stood here before; right here in the center of a moment watching my own existence romance the skies of time with elegant touches of prismatic duration. But these were not my hands; these were the hands of history massaging everything that is now into the relaxation of reoccurrence of momentary fingerprints smudged down the […]

As Nature Cries

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Dreary be the day as the sky opens releasing its temper tantrum in a steady eruption of rage down upon the daily activity of life’s stage. Scattered cars travel blindly on slippery pavements wet from shaken leaves startled by the midsummer storm as it pounds steadily from the soul of earth’s anger. Windshield wipers blink […]

Ogunquit Beach

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On a perfect day, the seagulls play; observing the humanity of many descents – Canadian accents… fading in with the background noise of clashing waves that are singing along with the winds of Maine. Here again, I lay on the beach of Ogunquit studying these portraits of clouds that grin peacefully in an open sky […]


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  I am more than words. I am the penmanship of life’s emotion.  Look around and you’ll see me floating through the winds of time as an inspirational angel. I touch minds, embrace hearts and cure tears with just the whisper of my translation. I am more than a metaphor. I am the study of […]

Beyond A Blue Sky Of Dreams

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Somewhere out there are rainbows fading through a sky where a misty rain falls gently on a field of hope; somewhere there is growth happening on streets and corners where youth struggle to find their place in this world. Somewhere out there, beyond the deep blue of summer’s eye, are futures ready to be found […]

There Comes A Time

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There comes a time

A half glass of warm beer sits just to the left of a pile of scattered newspaper crumpled just enough to see a half page of an Obituary; someone has ran out of time today/no chance to open their eyes again to breathe into another day/no chance to speak into silence and to pause another […]

A Place I Used To Call Home

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A Place I used to call home

This poem is a memory This poem is about/a place I use to call my home; a place where this new silence I see was once the laughter of hope and pride. A place where my young feet use to run in the freedom winds of innocence but now as I look down this narrow […]

One April Morning (The 36th Song)

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One April Morning

One April Morning (The 36th Song) Written April 27th, 2012 10:31 A.M. A howling wind regurgitates through the reflection of soft sunlight that is peeking through the eyelids of my bedroom window. A gentle air whispers into my awakening as I rise to a new song. One April morning I experienced the magic of birth […]