poetryI am more than words.

I am the penmanship of life’s emotion.  Look around
and you’ll see me floating through the winds of time
as an inspirational angel. I touch minds, embrace hearts
and cure tears with just the whisper of my translation.

I am more than a metaphor.

I am the study of irony and the challenge of fate.
listen and you’ll hear my heartbeat rhyme through the vision
of history.  You’ll find me in classrooms surrounding the thoughts
of tomorrow’s child; you’ll hear me “Howl” in the wild
and when you close your eyes I am right there
answering your dreams.

I am more than a page.

I am the “Road Not Taken” for I’ve traveled many roads
to find my way into the destination of your mind
because I am the technology of literature
written in many forms .  I am the happiness standing
in the puddles of pain, I am the sadness dripping
through the silence of joy.  I am the mystery of death
and the fascination of life because “I Wear The Mask”
of collective thought.

I am more than a description.
I am a “phenomenal woman” –   don’t you wonder why you’re inspired
by me?  Maybe it’s because I’m one of the many “Hollow Men”
who grow old to find the energy of youth brilliantly structured
into the stanzas of fulfillment.
I am “The Song From The Front Porch” heard throughout linguistic
streets across many languages and backgrounds,
I am Lyrics.  Who will sing me tonight?
I flow better when I’m sung just right.

I am more than punctuation.

I have been kidnapped by the Blues, Hip Hop
and the rhythm of Rock & Roll.  But I refuse to escape
because I am the influence blending perfectly
with the instrumentation of music’s breath.

I am nature.  I am the birds and I am the bees.
I am passion and the kiss that weakens a lover’s knees.
I am the trees
and the smaller things in life no one else dares to see.
I am Romanticism dancing with a Beat
because I am the Renaissance of captured moments.

I am more than words.

I am poetry.

© 2011
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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