Coffee Shop Flyers

Coffee Shop FlyersCoffee Shop Flyers



I think I’ll have a caramel toffee mocha.


“tall, Grande, or venti?”


I could tell she’s been working at Starbucks

for awhile.  A fake shine of happiness

on a Saturday morning with a line of customers

already with their minds made up just waiting…just waiting

for a workaholic poet to make up his mind.


The choices in size always perplexed me. Tall is really small,

Grande is actually not that large at all

and Venti is the classic twenty ounces of caffeine

we crave on days like this.  As I looked at the shadows

behind me exploding with impatience

I knew what I wanted the whole time,

I just wanted to prolong the wait of predictable



I’ll go with the Venti.


And what I mean by the fate line is that we expose

ourselves daily to opportunities of change

with life being all about the situations

uncontrolled by the nuances of time management.

My extra minutes of decision was changing

the pace of someone’s path.  Okay maybe too much

thinking here or an excuse for not having my mind

made up before ordering.


Not that they give you much time

to decide.  But like the ‘sighs’ and rolled eyes

of impatience behind me, I was supposed

to know what I wanted.


“Here’s your change sir”


I was feeling lucky so I threw the two dimes

and four pennies in the little tip cup and waited

by the bulletin board pretending to be interested

in the flyers perfectly placed in a mess

for the eyes to weed through or did I mean ‘read’?.


Hot Body Contest


It took a minute for my thoughts to congest/

the idea of people even judging other people

on something that depends on the perception of the eye.

The winner is always the person exhibiting the most “I”.

Annual Art Festival On Mattoon Street


But then again it’s always great when people

have a place to showcase the talent of the mind.

And as this poster reached for my attention,

I was reminded of my own fate as I had my own

artistry to relate.  But then again who would really

be interested in thoughtful poetry?


“Venti caramel toffee mocha!”


It’s been awhile since I had a nice photograph taken of me

A small card on the corner of the board

made me reach and move over the AIDS walk poster

just a bit.  And I wasn’t ignoring the content and value

of the poster, I just wanted to get the name of the photographer;

a name that escaped me as soon as I heard


“Venti caramel toffee mocha”.


If I wasn’t so distracted the coffee shop flyers

maybe I would’ve heard it the first time.


Oh sorry!


Shit.  I felt like such an annoyance.

But hey, such is fate.


from “A Crack In The Sidewalk” – A Collection of poetry from Tarringo T. Vaughan

Purshase: Amazon Kindle




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