Rhythm & Blues (The 38th Song)


Travis Street BluesApril 27, 2014  8:25 A.M.


The sun is only slightly shinning, but on this day

my age has the brightest smile.  I’ve watched life grow

and it has come a long way since my early days.


Back then, just a child, I use to celebrate laughter

as an innocent melody of freedom, but quickly I learned

how much sacrifice it took for me to have that freedom -


I used to believe the world was everyone’s kingdom

and was made aware – during my 11th song – that my kind

wasn’t always wanted here, in this place my journey now

calls home –


you see,


by the time I conquered puberty, just old enough to sculpt

my own individuality, I felt that I was alone.


It was a loneliness that by the time I was in my twenties

I evicted from the shelter of my heart and begin to start anew.

I wasn’t only a black man, brown skin,

I was also a gay man, a vision of sin


But in order to win, I had to create a voice

to let the world know that the definition of me

was only a choice in my creation and by relation

the song that I share in my thirties is a song that is blessed


with the rhythm of my soul and the blues of my heart -


lyrics of equality.


The clouds have taken over the fullness of the sky

as I conclude this 38th song, but even they belong,

even those clouds symbolize the influence of creation.


I am reminded, the darker days need to be celebrated also,

because without them


there are no rhythm & blues because our tears

always need a reason to dance.



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