Elm City

Elm cityDangerous minds expressed,

curbs of dreams suppressed

on streets of criminality where a child’s eyes

reflect the fatality of poverty’s disguise.


But, within the shadowed streets of Elm City,

there is hope, there is always hope

when a community stands up and takes pride

in the education of future generations


there is always a chance of escape from decades

of recycled failures when neighbors

mend their voices

and fight for a child’s rights and choices


and there is always a reason to believe

when there are teachers who care

about the tears that visibly hide

on the inner city streets


where empty promises deceive.


From the depths of Elm City is where our children stand –

and they are not just statistics or misused funds;

they are not just test scores or faces to be ignored–


they are the young lives waiting to reached;

they are the hands raising their hands

not just because they know the answer, but because

they are the answer;


they are the smiles that inspire the importance

of education and they are the thoughts and ideas

who reflect the dedication of learning—


they are the children of Elm City -

the commitment of today inspiring

the vision of tomorrow.


(c) 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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One Comment on “Elm City

  1. Tarringo, you are a champion of the human spirit, the good that overrides evil in this world. In this you clearly champion the present and the future of our children…what greater cause could there be? Your words move the reader to action rather than ambivalence. You always truly inspire. Have a wonderful new year ahead. May the muse forever bless your kindred soul.

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