Of Dreams

Of-DreamsWhen I was younger
I used to sit on the side of cobblestone curbs
and dream

I had cool dreams and jazzy dreams;
I had the kind of dreams
that made my mind sway
and the kind of dreams
that took me away to another day
where I was someone with a name

I had dreams that my blues
were as smooth as the rhythm & rhyme of Langston
and dreams where I stood tall
in freedom’s light
leading strong towards
all modern day civil rights

I had hopeful dreams and sweet dreams;
the kind of dreams that made my thoughts dance
and my eyes smile wide
upon the open air of future promise

I had dreams that my words
were the translation of life,
strength and sacrifice
and dreams that took me places
far and beyond anywhere I thought
I could be.

When I was younger
I use to stare off into the distance

and dream of all the possibilities
out there for me.

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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