Mama’s Boy

Mamas-boySon, I have but a few words for you
and it is only going to take a few minutes of your time –
Boy as I look down upon you from the heavens
of my new journey’s horizon, I can still feel the joyful pain
from the day I released you into this world.  The many hours
of excruciating labor gave birth to a miracle
and from the very moment you were put into my arms
I knew
You were special and you still are special
and just because I’m not here now
I will always be that presence in your heart.

Now son, I don’t want to see any more tears
because as I now look into your eyes I see a journey
of determination; I see fight, dedication
and a belief in yourself that has made
you the fine man you are today, but don’t you go thinking
that you would ever stop being mama’s little boy

because no matter how old
in years you get; no matter how independent
your life has become; no matter how wise
you have grown; my memory will always be those open arms

of warmth, nurture and protection.  Although my physical
presence has left you, that bond
is a connection that will live on through the genetics
of your soul.  You see son, the day I died, I gave birth to you
again.  I watched you cry, survive and grow
internally.  I watched you succeed, release your fears
which has lead you to be freed/
of all the pain you have grieved.  As I leave you,
I just want to take these few minutes
to let you know I am here
and that you will always be
mama’s little boy – as I now rest free and filled with joy.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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