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Still Waters

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Still waters

I have always had a fear of drowning, therefore I float.  I flow with the currents that take me upstream and empties me in the mouth of life’s ocean; waves silently drift and the ripples sing the harmony of my being. But when the waters rise, I sink gasping for air. Lungs suffocate with fear, […]

Poem Cry

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Poem cry

There is no crying in poetry because poems don’t cry for sympathy/they cry to expose the human emotion of translation and they cry to ignite the fuel of connection . I have had many tears in this life; many tears I’ve found again in the fragrance of summer’s past but I will not share these […]

The Lyrics Of Her Song

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She was a whistle sitting silently in front of corner store with her home wrapped openly around her exposing her life and the orchestra of her tears. But no one seemed to care as she was stepped over and stepped past Like an object just in the way. Everyone seemed to ignore what her eyes […]


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I have an appetite for success. The stomach of my mind is rumbling to be fed because I am starving for new challenges and accomplishments.  I want to be the one to reach higher and go further.  I want to be the one who inspires by being inspired and I want to be the one […]

Of Dreams

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When I was younger I used to sit on the side of cobblestone curbs and dream I had cool dreams and jazzy dreams; I had the kind of dreams that made my mind sway and the kind of dreams that took me away to another day where I was someone with a name I had […]

These Words

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These words

Sitting here thinking, reminiscing about how back then the world seemed cruel and life through my eyes was filled with rules – I was a young child, age of five and so newly alive, taught early the streets as a source to survive I write these words so glad I’m alive and as I look […]


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Sometimes I look in my own eyes and see the definition of a man who just wants to live his life without the judgment and sacrifice of ignorant minds trying to break him down and hateful words that try to fade his dreams and tear apart his soul all the way to the seams; in […]


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I didn’t recognize the world anyone on that late March afternoon; a light breeze attempted to kiss my cheek but the pain inside me ignored nature’s opportunity to cuddle with my life.  The sun’s smooth radiance barely blinded my eyes as I drove to find out what was wrong with me and in that moment, […]

Poetry Lives Inside

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poetry lives inside

A poem is a celebration of life’s sacrifices. As I write/I see the minds of many poets turn within their hearts to inspire as in their self-recognition they prosper…the many meanings and deaths of a society stroked by its own ego. As I write/I see a woman fragranced with the tart aroma of abuse. She […]

Everything Around Me

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Everything around me

I’ve sat here long enough watching the flame of this scented candle of life burn slowly whilst melting time into the wax of loss. As I sit here exploring everything around me, I find the appreciation in everything I see; It is the fragrance of love that electrifies the air I breathe that keeps me […]