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A Poem For Progress

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A Poem for Progress

If I wrote the best poem in the world I would dry the tears on the silent neglected streets where lamposts blink the sounds of destruction, and in the eyes of poverty I would stare into each child’s vision and inpire in them the hope, strength and victory of success. I would wake up drug […]

On The Inside

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On the inside

Sometimes I hate when I’m supposed to love. I stare off into cluttered windows watching the eyes of my heart dilate into fragments of distance loudly shattering in the destination of this world unhealed. Those are the times I am numb when I’m supposed to feel holding on to pain I didn’t even know I […]

Tears Don’t Cry

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Tears Don't cry

Young girl, twenty-two years of age sits on a sidewalk curb all  alone. She is internally torn, externally prone and far from home; she is emotionally beaten and from her small frame you can tell that she hasn’t eaten but inside of her brown spiral eyes you can see a different kind of hunger; a […]

Where Roses Lay To Rest

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He knew dreams of her weren’t just imaginations of his heart as he believed that somewhere, far or near the magic of her smile still existed upon the tranquility of the moonlit oceans reflection. Perhaps, within the magic of the stars, the glow of her eyes still sparkled ever so brightly beneath the same gentle […]

A Letter To A Dream

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A letter To A Dream

March, 2010 So many times I wanted to lay down this pen and let the words migrate back into silent barriers of a once broken expression; so many times I wanted to lock away this literary voice behind unbreakable chains with no way out but every time I tried I heard you whistling my name […]

Off The Chain

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Off The Chain There was a time during my growing up days where I searched to unlock the chains of my manhood. I was young/ eager/ ready and willing to take on that world out there; a world that held the voice of my bravery under lock and key for so long. There were those […]


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I am everything I have been afraid to be I am every sight that the witness of my core has been afraid to see because I have embraced every aspect of weakness that has formed the internal strength within me. I am the scar that has been stabbed into a relentless silence and left to […]

A Letter To Love

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Letter to love

written as I think of you (for Dominic Basile-Vaughan)     Dear Love, You were delivered to me through the gentleness of his eyes.  You were the warm tenderness – the healing I needed four years ago as my tears flowed silently on the heels of a sudden lost.   You came to me through […]

Elm City

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Elm city

Dangerous minds expressed, curbs of dreams suppressed on streets of criminality where a child’s eyes reflect the fatality of poverty’s disguise.   But, within the shadowed streets of Elm City, there is hope, there is always hope when a community stands up and takes pride in the education of future generations   there is always […]

The Ways Of The World

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For some, the ways of the world keeps us grounded, rounded and content with our surroundings and for others, the ways of the world takes us places and introduces us to new faces of possibility – it guides us to reach new foundations where we make a difference   in the lives we touch, the […]