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Marginal Way

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Another poem breathes today as I am inhaled by the sandy whistle of Oqunguit’s orchestra of waves and if I wasn’t a poet, I wouldn’t be able to walk this path and study the architecture of the air as it blends in with the walkway of summer’s horizon.  There is a brisk chill as a […]

Beyond A Blue Sky Of Dreams

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Somewhere out there are rainbows fading through a sky where a misty rain falls gently on a field of hope; somewhere there is growth happening on streets and corners where youth struggle to find their place in this world. Somewhere out there, beyond the deep blue of summer’s eye, are futures ready to be found […]

There Comes A Time

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There comes a time

A half glass of warm beer sits just to the left of a pile of scattered newspaper crumpled just enough to see a half page of an Obituary; someone has ran out of time today/no chance to open their eyes again to breathe into another day/no chance to speak into silence and to pause another […]

A Place I Used To Call Home

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A Place I used to call home

This poem is a memory This poem is about/a place I use to call my home; a place where this new silence I see was once the laughter of hope and pride. A place where my young feet use to run in the freedom winds of innocence but now as I look down this narrow […]

Rhythm & Blues (The 38th Song)

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Travis Street Blues

  April 27, 2014  8:25 A.M.   The sun is only slightly shinning, but on this day my age has the brightest smile.  I’ve watched life grow and it has come a long way since my early days.   Back then, just a child, I use to celebrate laughter as an innocent melody of freedom, […]

One April Morning (The 36th Song)

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One April Morning

One April Morning (The 36th Song) Written April 27th, 2012 10:31 A.M. A howling wind regurgitates through the reflection of soft sunlight that is peeking through the eyelids of my bedroom window. A gentle air whispers into my awakening as I rise to a new song. One April morning I experienced the magic of birth […]

Belonging (The 35th Song)

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I’ve been sitting here singing now for thirty-five years/ listening to the music of my heart whistle through laughter, pain, happiness and tears. So as I toast the beginning of another song I stare through the journey of these eyes and reflect upon the times I struggled in this life just to belong.   The […]

To Live Again (The 34th Song)

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To Live Again To progress one has to remember to live.   One night I sat alone listening to my past pain unhealed whining against the coldness of yesterday’s window.   It was a stuttering sound that startled the waves of silence that giggled amongst the hours of truth; a truth that whistled for time […]

1976 (The 33rd Song)

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Written April 27th 2009 Thirty-three years ago I had no name, no dreams no emotion — they say I was just a ten pound bundle of joy pushing my way out of a sixteen year old womb. It is safe to say I don’t remember but the sting from being smacked on my naked little […]

(Rebirth) The 32nd Song

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Written April 27th 2008 To be born again is to release yesterday’s fears and rise from the recycled shell we call existence; it is the freedom to capture our own reemergence as we explore and face the unknown by redefining it into another year of knowledge; to be born again is our ability to rewind […]