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I Write For Poetry

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To Be or Not To Be

Poetry is my sadness.  It is my need to bleed the ink of every emotion my heart drips.  It is my comfort when my sky gets dark and my world becomes filled with heartache and pain; it is the internal rain that floods the inside of my mind when life threatens to leave me behind […]

Remembering Savin Street

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Remembering Savin Street I can still see him playing ring around the Rosie with life. But back then when he fell he was afraid to get up because failure scraped his knees of confidence too many times and he was someone I use to know sitting on the porch alone as he stared out into […]

In Another Lifetime

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If I shall die tonight, I want to come back as the magic that is your mind and the fascination that is your heart. I want to see the world through the deep browns of your eyes and within those spirals of your love, I want to experience your vision of passion and feel the […]

Through The Eyes Of A Familiar Stranger

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There are times I sit and stare off into an endless ocean of shadows that drift within the winds of my own thoughts. Sometimes I am that man who sees everything with clarity when there is nothing but chaos surrounding me.  There are times I grasp and hold onto everything complex because I don’t recognize […]

Words Forward

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Words Forward   It was not so long ago that I found the words to express all that I’ve come to know in this world   and within this life that I have been given to live.   It was not so long ago that I broke the silence   and found a voice within […]


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Inspired “An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose” ― Langston Hughes Today a poem surrendered to my thoughts. I found it early this morning while driving 72 miles per hour in the middle lane down 91 South – […]


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Ponce   The sunlight glistens as the warmth of early March melts the landscape of Southern Vermont’s winter freeze.   There is a steady breeze highlighting a late Saturday afternoon where soon twightlight will dim the bright foundation of Midtown Manchester;   a place where skiers and snowboarders will soon gather to greet familiar and […]

Somebody’s Child

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Youth whistles his name  — twelve years of life balancing between eroded curbs just on the edge of Hancock street. He wears grown man shows on his feet and abandonment on his mind as he studies parental strangers with a false toughness but in his eyes is the vision of a child brought up in […]

To One Day Smile A Dream

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I want to reach out and answer him, he who hides from his own questioning. I want to teach him how to speak the words that fear has silenced and stand tall amongst the beating hearts of strength for in his tears are the rhythm of survival. I want to reach out and heal her, […]

The Inside Of A Rose

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The inside of a rose

I have found that this is love; I have found that this every touch we share is the formula for passion every time our lips caress – it is this soft tender unity of corruption that our  hearts express that has me able to confess – how lucky I am to have you by my […]