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No Longer Am I

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tower of strength

  No longer am i   hidden behind unmovable walls unseen, unheard, unwanted   I busted through the plaster and freed myself from my own silent disaster   and now I stand exposed   no longer am i   held back by the chains of distain undefined, unappreciated, unknown   I shattered the links of […]

October’s Fest

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I taste a Pumpkin spiced Ale in the brisk afternoon winds of October’s kiss.  I feel the celebration of early harvest all around me as a festival of leaves scatter through the barren parking lots and over worn down curbs blanketing the architecture of footprints   with the fabric of golden orange, bright yellow and […]


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    Inspired by Lucille Clifton’s poem “sisters”     you and I are brothers. we cry the same.   you and I see eye to eye coming from the same place.   you and I like rhyming our tears and drying up our fears.   you and I try standing up to pain and […]

Words Unsaid

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A heart once mute – tears of silence that at a young age just wouldn’t compute the confusion and delusions hidden within a soul held hostage by fear – for many years, so many words unsaid I just couldn’t find the expressive freedom to let out the emotions rampaging as confused thoughts inside my head. […]

The Places We Call Home

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Everlasting memories – those familiar places we have known embrace our soul during times when we feel we are alone even when days are gray and the world turns cold we find our comfort in the places we call home. There are tears out there –journeys of sadness roaming homeless sidewalks thinking no one cares. […]

Lost Ones

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I write for their eyes as I narrate the loneliness they feel from inside the of hidden identities that have become immersed within the transparent confusion of society’s delusion. Some are brave and stand alone on judgment’s concrete stone afraid to shine their difference in the dampened skies where hateful eyes plagiarize their souls to […]


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The world moves faster when there is no place to go.   That statement is not always true until you find yourself moving in slow traffic on a busy street when you have some place to be.  Isn’t it funny how time never waits for us but we are always waiting for time?  Every minute […]

Deep Blue Chicago Sky

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    There are no clouds today as alone in this cold hotel bed I lay   The warmth of my lover is far away but just the thought of him is making my mind feel quite okay   and although I am miles away, in a new place, just minutes away from a new […]


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the mask, photography by Steffen Ulbrich

There is deepness in my eyes/a deepness sculptured/from the journey of my grandmother’s strength and the passion inflamed through the energy of many ancestors who have risen through the tunnels of defeat molded from the sweat and scars of pride as they continue to march in every pour of my textured definition/a familiar recognition/that strengthens […]

One Moment

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The trees are bare today as they reach out into an open temperature of stillness with branches that are waving to my eyes in a perfect salute; time is staring at me through a fragmented window just clear enough to see the energy of my mind. Thoughts clutter in a silent rewind as I sit […]