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If we could not feel what we see then we would not hear what is heard.   We are the sensitive animal that roams in the open fields of negativity and vulgarity.  We are open targets aimed at for any difference our images communicate and we are often attacked right in the flesh of our […]

Fabricated Truths

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I used to look out fingerprinted stained windows when I was younger; staring off into curious tomorrows full of questions and sometimes tears filled with sorrow.  I searched for answers but I was told only what I needed to hear; only what my  young  heart could bear and they were those lies, lies silly little […]


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In 1969 a united voice stood tall; it was a voice that fought back against oppression and a voice that vibrated within the echoes still heard today against the refusal to be treated as second class-citizens; it was a moment in the history of this nation that sparked a new celebration; a new pride of […]

Thoughts From A Patio At The End Of July

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Thoughts From A Patio At The End Of July I wonder where I would be in life – if I chose a different road. If I challenged fate I wonder where the paths of my emotions would’ve taken me, if only…I had the choice. There is happiness here, as I write; a place of content […]

Summer In The City

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The sun shines in a mist of steady heat down upon the heartbeat of sleeping city streets. Soon, the traffic will rise — tempered as it grows in size steadily drifting through the warmth of morning’s sunrise into the shadows of overcast trees where singing birds fly and soon there will be the joy in […]

Through A Third Floor Apartment Window

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Through A Third Floor Apartment Window

Spring sings through the microphone of melancholy skies as I take a sip of a delicate breeze through bohemian eyes. I am a wanderer with a mind rapidly in bloom as I look down at smiles existing as journalists in discovery of the beauty of being. Through a third floor apartment window I am looking […]

92 Degrees

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after all the thinking over the years, I just can’t stop wiping the sweat that steadily flows from my mind. On a day like today thoughts become like a humidity of words dripping in mirages of description/searching for clarity through the warm, gentle breeze of nature. Summer feels so magical on this day, like the […]

He Said

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Thwarted tears puddled underneath the promises left behind in a young boy’s heart; abandoned love – the foundation of trust torn apart and he said he would be there for me but yet I barely remember the features of his face. He left me standing in an empty space with only the support from a […]

A Morning In Windsor

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A morning in Windsor

The air is soft, gentle and virgin as a stubborn fog grips calmly onto a fragrant sky that is barely functional as this morning in South Windsor arises. There are no surprises as I drive this road. The trees still glisten in the early mist of mid-summer’s dew as the slight silence of the sun […]

On Bended Knee

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Love, in the creation of a moment, kneeled down before me on bended knee and within it’s presence the sounds of steady winds drifting in from the rhymes and soul of a timeless sea held us breathless as the deepness of a smile captured me. Love, in the creation of a moment, took my hand […]