92 Degrees

playgrounds_by_munkiehartbananaafter all the thinking over the years, I just can’t stop wiping
the sweat that steadily flows from my mind. On a day like today thoughts become like
a humidity of words dripping in mirages of description/searching
for clarity through the warm, gentle breeze of nature. Summer feels so magical
on this day, like the way the sky heats up with so much energy and laugher
and the way the trees chuckle every time the whistle from the wind
tickles each branch in just the right places as so many faces with smiles
surrender to their shade – a temporary relief from the heat filtering
through the air of modern day clutter and traffic battling its way
to new locations of time. And on playgrounds the children play
taking a two month delay from the structure of education and learning
new lessons of life – embracing their growth as the study of independence/
breaking away from the challenges of adolescence into the complexity
of young adulthood. With fragments of mooch in worn down sneakers
and sweaty sandals, this becomes their moment. I remember how it use
to feel to be that freedom – to know that there are so many limitless feats
yet to reach and so many fears ready for defeat. I admire them as I absorb
the consciousness of this summer day. The little things around us we
soon come to forget and the imagery of non-fiction our daydreams forfeit
have so much meaning and reasons for being. I don’t always like what I’m seeing
when I observe visions of humanity but I always stare those same visions down
as potential questions to answers that may never be found. I see them as new
horizons balancing out life’s field of study. Sometimes it takes a day like today,
92 degrees of sunshine and scorching heat, to just sit back and allow the mind
to reach new temperatures of observation and translation –

this day has just begun.
© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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