To One Day Smile A Dream

I want to reach out and answer him, he who hides
from his own questioning. I want to teach him
how to speak the words that fear has silenced
and stand tall amongst the beating hearts
of strength
for in his tears are the rhythm of survival.

Children_on_a_Wall_by_nixenatorI want to reach out and heal her, she who suffers
the pain of failure. I want to show her how to rescue
herself from the chains of self/denial
and become a witness of renewal
for in her eyes is the vision of revival.

And I want to reach out and become them, they
who dream the dreams that arise from the future
of their souls. I want to show them that there is reason;
a reason to become who they desire to be
because within their smiles are the echoes
of tomorrow’s freedoms
for they are the foundation of hope’s arrival.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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