One April Morning (The 36th Song)

One April MorningOne April Morning (The 36th Song)

Written April 27th, 2012 10:31 A.M.

A howling wind regurgitates through the reflection
of soft sunlight that is peeking through the eyelids
of my bedroom window. A gentle air whispers
into my awakening as I rise to a new song. One April morning
I experienced the magic of birth and on this April morning
I celebrate thirty-six renewals of defining that birth.

On this day I share the remembrances of a soul once challenged
to fail; a soul born to be written and a soul inspired through the compassion
of growth. There have been days I have cried silently
because I didn’t think there was no one who wanted to hear
the tears of my mind, but my greatest fear
was recognizing my identity and reason for being here—
in a society that once aimed slurs at the skin color
of my Blackness and still today there are some who
blindly understand the genetics of my sexuality.

In reality,

I’m not the only one who have strived to become someone
but as I look back I could’ve been one of many
who  fell into that hole where dreams collapse
and are seen by no one.

On this day I am appreciating the process of becoming
through the lyrics of the past and the many hopes for a better tomorrow.
There have been many losses – in this life – that still give me sorrow
but each face who has shown me the love to rise above
gives off the sunlight of promise;
a promise that a mother communicated by gazing into the eyes of a new born
child on one April morning;

through her eyes he was told he would never be alone
and through her smile he was given a name
that will always be known

as courage, confidence and pride. One April mourning he
was shown a new world ready to embrace
and hold him deep within its bosom. All he had to do was reach back

and on this day, my thirty-sixth song,

I am extending my hand.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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