The Ways Of The World

letters-of-the-world-jamart-photographyFor some, the ways of the world keeps us grounded,

rounded and content with our surroundings

and for others, the ways of the world takes us places

and introduces us to new faces of possibility – it guides

us to reach new foundations where we make a difference


in the lives we touch, the lives we discover

and the lives we help reach new levels of educational

prosperity.  The ways of the world can help us heal

the hearts of poverty

by instilling the power to inspire

and it can help us save

the eyes of criminality

by giving us the passion to influence


and it only took a small window of time

for the ways of the world to bring a young man

to a new city – as in the inner city of Chicago

he recognized the cries of hope

as his calling to teach youth how to reach

their goals – he helped them prosper and accomplish

their dreams by becoming their dreams

and they gave back by teaching him

how the ways of the world

can help define elements


of leadership.


(c) 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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