Hunger_by_tabsquaredI have an appetite for success.

The stomach of my mind is rumbling to be fed because I am starving for new challenges and accomplishments.  I want to be the one to reach higher and go further.  I want to be the one who inspires by being inspired and I want to be the one who uses all the utensils I have obtained and eat at the dinner tables achievement.  Because this life is the chef who serves a buffet of opportunity and I don’t plan on leaving till I’m full and satisfied.  There have been many appetizers while growing up.  I’ve learned throughout the years that when my mind is focused I can turn dreams into that main course we wait for.  And I’ve learned without that hunger my intellectual presence would be malnourished and lacking nutrients.

And I will feed starving thoughts.

I do a lot of thinking without opening the mouth of my ambition and making the moves necessary to fatten everything I can be.  There is a hesitation to put myself out there and instead there are times I stand in the soup lines waiting for someone to feel my bowl with what I need.  But I realized that too much sodium of dependence would have me waiting forever and it was up to me to create my own gravy.  Life isn’t meant to be a plate of fluffy smashed potatoes but it sure tastes good when you know you have given your all to succeeding.  I still hear the rumbles, I still have the hunger pains but without them I wouldn’t be living and achieving and have that determination to go even further.

A hungry mind is an accomplished passion to achieve.

© 2010

Tarringo T. Vaughan

Public Journal

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