Suburban Sunset

suburban-sunsetThis, the beautiful temperature of sunset, is something
to be admired. There is easiness here;
a steadiness that has captured me as I sit,
in the backyard of open translation, studying
the movements of serenity as the sky has emptied
of all of its obscenities as quietness

fuels the stillness of time.

Here, in the outskirts of the city,
smooth transitions of the mind are comfortable
as I absorb the decay of another day. This is new for me/
these surroundings that are decorated

in the brightest of summer green. There is heroism
within these trees that have stood sturdy
over decades of years, growing tall in the energy
of earth’s tears. They are resilient monuments of nature

as they dance in the soft music of slight winds
that whisper the sounds of a dream. And then there
is the sky, naked to the eye, a portrait of pleasure;
a canvas one can only treasure. It begins its transformation,

drifting in its elegance into the warm evening.
Clouds become playful as the decadence of a light blue
darkens and gives way to the bright spiral of gold
as it descends behind the façade

of suburbia.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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