Somewhere In Life

Dolphins_by_Jill2728With footprints vibrating in the ocean waves of existence, they breathe
becoming a photography of vision/hard to believe.
Deep in the Atlantic blue, off the coast of Southern Maine
a family of dolphins rides the waves in search of their survival.

As observers, we watch their playfulness
become a display orchestrated by the sea breeze
of easterly winds sending ripples through our minds
and an ease of peacefulness within our souls.

I, in fascination, find calm in the way they share our appeal—
their togetherness as they dive in and out of life’s water
sometimes sailing as we sail; desiring air as we share air
and imagining this simple freedom as they live it.

I smile because in the world of these dolphins
there is a spirit flowing within the currents of time;
no politics or healthcare reform

no crime or racist minds – there are no homophobic revisions
or religious provisions – they are just able to be

as they serve as proof that somewhere in life this is all possible
because I am seeing it here in the flare of deep water layers
of living;

here, somewhere in life, beautiful is

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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