This Little Provincetown

PierI’ve never before been to a place ready to embrace me for all that I am.

And as we passed Truro that New Years Eve I looked out a fogged up passenger side window into a dark cloud and thought to myself finally. Finally a place where I could hold the hand of my lover in the openness of acceptance; finally I could walk in the same harmony of understanding hearts; finally a place stuffy closets don’t suffocate laughter and finally a place to be free, a place to exhale self-pride. There was an excitement and a moment in my life approaching that I didn’t think would happen. I was with a new found love and his close friends going to a place on a night that could only be magical. And that indeed it was. I remember just staring at the dunes as we got closer and then the tiny little streets and all the small shops laced with lights glittering a shiny smile. Snow dusted parts of the ground and I could feel a spirit in the air that warmly kissed the awakening cold of the waves. I was in a small paradise for the eternity of the night.

The sky winked down at us as we unfilled the dark gray Honda accord. I remembered the stars sparkling with such clarity as we made our way to the motel located a little ways from town. The moments just seemed to stand still as if I was paused on the perfect scene of someone’s favorite movie. And I was a smile ear to ear as we checked in, got dress and prepared for the last few hours of the decade. There was such a glow to all of us as we toasted the night with wine in plastic cups and awaited the gypsy cap for a quick ride into the center of town. I remember thinking how far I have come inside my own skin; how much growth I’ve championed over the years to be there – open, out and proud. And as the night went on, after the dinner, the toast and many smiles we all danced on a crowded dance floor with many men from all different parts of the world and from many different aspects of homosexuality. We all danced together as one discovery of acceptance as midnight turned into a new year; a new decade of progress. I was kissed by not only love but an atmosphere fulfilled with happiness.

It was this little Provincetown where I was embraced
for being every definition of me.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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